About / FAQ

Welcome to ACA Kreations. 

ACA is solely owned and operated by Alex Cramariuc. I specialized in limited edition beads, as well as custom jewelry. 

The newest addition to the ACA team are bead glassmaker Olivia and my brother Cip, who handles part of the production in the shop.

Where and how are your products made and what materials do you use?

Everything (precious metal related) is manufactured in my personal studio, located in Skåne, southern Sweden. All glass is made in Copenhagen. I mostly work in lost wax. Everything is hand made and hand finished, and all metal is casted in my workshop. I work mostly in Sterling silver, gold (9k and upwards) and organic materials (amber, animal claws, teeth and ethical ivory). 

What do you mean by “limited edition” beads?

Most of my designs are limited to 100 pieces. Some newer beads (starting from late 2015) might have a run of up to 300 pieces, although those are few in between. When either number is reached, I usually retire the design with a special, limited edition run. All glass is limited to 100 pieces or less. Since I operate a relatively small business, my main interest lies in design and quality rather than quantity.

What does LE, LEE and LLEE stand for?

I have drawn some inspiration from Beretta's grading system, and as of 2022 those initials will stand for the following: 
- LE stands for ''Limited Edition'': these are basically limited run beads (usually max 30 pcs), where the basic standard silver bead has an added single 14k detail in either yellow or rose gold
- LEE stands for ''Limited Edition Edition'': similar to the LE's, however these base silver beads will feature several 14k gold details in either rose, yellow or mixed
- LLEE stands for ''Limited Limited Edition Edition'': very short run of solid gold beads, from 14k upwards, usually made by commission only, as well as one off (one of a kind) pieces. 

Can I have something custom made?

It depends. Send me an e-mail with some general thoughts and we’ll take it from there.

Which retailers do you use?

I do not employ any retailers currently. All ACA products are sold exclusively from this site.

Do you ship outside the EU? What about VAT?

I ship world wide. All prices are shown without VAT and in Swedish kroner (SEK). If you are outside the EU, at checkout only shipping will be applied, if however you are form the EU, VAT will be applied also at checkout. 

What payment options do you have?

I use Pay Pal exclusively. You don’t need to have an account to place an order. All major credit and debit cards are accepted, just follow the instructions when checking out. 

What are your shipping options, rates and time of delivery?

Orders are processed anywhere within 2 to 4 weeks after they are placed and shipped within 2 more weeks, afterwards. Shipping is free. Delivery time varies from about 3 days within the EU to about 8 days for the US. This is an approximation, as some orders may take longer to deliver. Orders placed outside the EU and the US are sent at your own risk, and uninsured. 

I placed several orders. Do you combine shipping?                                               

I usually do, however please be aware it's your responsibility to contact me if that happens, especially during high traffic periods like new releases and sales. 

Can I return an item?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with an item you just bought, you can return it within 2 weeks of receiving it and have it replaced, or receive a full refund. EXCEPTION: commission work (custom orders), LE beads and up and one offs are non refundable. 

I want to order an item but it’s sold out. Will you have it again, and if so when?

If an item appears “sold out”, it will be available again. It will usually take me anywhere from 2 weeks to several months to restock.

I am outside the EU and a friend of mine from an EU country just bought an item for me and wants to send it as a gift. Can you please refund him/her the VAT? 

NO. I am not in the business of VAT fraud. 

Also, I reserve the right to cancel any order at any time, without notice. 

Are you on any social media?

Yes. Just search for ACA Kreations or Alex Cramariuc on Facebook and @acakreations on Instagram.

If you could not find your answer anywhere above, just contact me via e-mail, through the contact option on this site, or Facebook.